About the Melbourne Cup Field

Australia’s biggest race is the Melbourne Cup, we take a look at some of the details of the Melbourne Cup with a focus on the Field for the race.

The Melbourne Cup Field is made up of 24 runners with the race set at Handicap conditions meaning the runners in the race are given a weight based on a handicappers rating. Greg Carpenter has been handicapping Melbourne Cup runners for the past two decades and will again be the person doing so this year.

The 24 Melbourne Cup horses are announced on Derby Day with the barrier draw to take place that night, which is the Saturday night before Tuesday’s Melbourne Cup.

The barrier draw has a massive influence on the race with runners that draw wide will need luck to win.

Barriers between 3-10 are the best barriers in the Melbourne Cup Field. Read more about the Melbourne Cup Field at https://www.justhorseracing.com.au/melbourne-cup/

Melbourne cup barrier_draw


A Guide to the Different Types of Horse Races

It is typical for amateurs to know all about the big races only just like the Kentucky Derby and the Breeder’s Cup. But in horse racing, you need to familiarize yourself with everything. Becoming a good jockey does not only require, talent and skill, it also requires you to have an in-depth of the sport that have been in existence since 5000 BC. First thing you need to know is that; horses also need to achieve certain ranks in order to compete on bigger races. For the biggest ones, thoroughbreds are most often than not preferred but for smaller races; ordinary horses will do as long as they have the skills needed to race.


Maiden RacesTambo_valley_races_2006_edit

Maiden Races are for horses that have never won yet. A racehorse that is yet to win his first is called a maiden and once he does, it’s called breaking the maiden. There are no rules stating that a horse will need to start in maiden races but this is actually a good training ground for amateur horses especially the young ones. This is also one way of knowing their potential.

Claiming Races

A claiming race is considered to be a subset of Maiden races. This race is often for the lowest class horses at the track. They are called claimers. Almost half the races in North America are claiming races. These horses come in a wide array of classes and the stakes are usually high when it comes to betting since it is quite unusual.

Allowance Races85518-full

Allowance races are the next step for claiming horses. This is a higher ranking race than the claiming races. In this race, the horses are not for sale unlike the latter one mentioned. The stakes in this race are also high but mostly these are for the horses and their owners.

Stakes Races

This is race where the top racehorses get to compete and show what they got. This is a main stepping stone for horses and their handlers if they want to compete in bigger races.


Horse Racing Tips for Amateurs

Horse racing is considered to be one of the noblest sports of all time. In fact, this is called the sport of kings. This sport dates as far back as 7000 years ago. Today, this is one of the most exciting sports in so many countries. And who could blame anyone? Horses are by nature beautiful and elegant. They are creatures of speed and agility. Being able to learn how to ride one of them is such a pleasure incomparable. But the thing is, once you got to ride, the next thing you would probably want is to join those prestigious horse racing events you’ve been watching. The feel of adrenaline, the surge of energy and the thrill horse racing offers is truly one of a kind. Okay, if you are new to this, horse racing tips are very important. They should guide you in becoming a good horse racer. Below, are some of the most basic tips you need to know, some are really obvious but it’ s better to be safe than sorry.


Training Programfast-race-horses

Going solo, is strongly not recommended if you are planning on becoming a horse racer, or as they say, a jockey. You need to train. There are many different training programs and most are actually custom-made to suit your strengths and weaknesses. Human athletes are different when it comes to their techniques so you need to play to your own advantage through these trainings. These will give you a good fighting chance at the tracks.


The HorseHorseRacing-7

Horse racing is not as easy as choosing the fastest mare in the herd. You need to choose a horse which complements you. Your qualities and strengths should be close if not already the same. Furthermore, it is best to choose an already fit horse before to make it fit again than train a newbie. Young ones may be easy and fast to train but they are often unpredictable and may jeopardize your chances of winning. If you are still an amateur, it is best to choose an expert horse to ride.

The Horse Racing History

Horse racing is a very ancient sport which dates as far back as 4500 BC. This is probably one of the oldest living sports in the world’s history. Well, to equip you further, horse racing history can be traced to the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia. They are known to be the first ones to domesticate horses. From that time on, the horse racing industry have flourished and spread all across the globe. This has long been considered to be the sport of kings. In the modern day however, this is considered more to be a gambling sport which has been legalized in most countries globally.



Horse Racing Countries

Although horse racing has flourished worldwide, it did not remain very popular in some countries. But of course, there are those countries who took the sport seriously and even made business out of this noble sport. Among the most popular ones is the United States. It is considered to be one of the mostly attended sporting events in the country. In 1989 alone, over 50 million people attended over 8,000 days of racing in the country and wagered over $9 billion. In the United States, the most popular races use thoroughbred racing over flat courses between ¾ of a mile and 1 ¼ miles. Additionally, harness racing is as popular as quarter horses in the country.

Other nations involved in horse racing are Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, South America, the Middle East and Australia. They have different horse sporting events which are being clustered every year.


Thoroughbred Racingbalmoral-park-horse-racing-track-1920s-1950s-vintage-historic-14

Horse racing have always been a major and highly organized event all over the globe. In fact, in modern days, many people and businesses invest on these events just for it to be successful. In the ancient times, during the Greek Olympics, they have two categories, the mounted horse racing and the chariot horse racing. In the 12th century, the breeding of mixed horses started when the English knights returned home from their crusades with swift Arab horses. Thoroughbreds are often the best candidates for racing since they possess lightning speeds.